Ryohei Nakano's Other Publications

Books or Book Chapters

[B01] R. Nakano:
AI renaissance (in Japanese),
I. Takeuchi (Ed.) AI Capriccio. pp.15-27, NTT Pub. (1992).

[B02] T. Yamada and R. Nakano:
Job-shop scheduling,
In P.J. Fleming and A.M.S. Zalzala (eds.) Genetic Algorithms in Engineering Systems. Chapter 7, pp.134-160, IEE (1997).

[B03] R. Nakano and K. Saito:
Discovery of polynomial laws from multi-variate data (in Japanese),
S. Morishita and S. Miyano (Eds.) Discovery Science and Data Mining. pp.217-227, Kyoritsu Shuppan (2000).

[B04] R. Nakano:
Stochastic search (in Japanese),
JSAI (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence , pp.30-31, Kyoritsu Shuppan Co.,Ltd. (2005).

[B05] R. Nakano:
Fundamentals of Neural Information Processing (in Japanese).
Suurikougakusha (2005).

[B06] R. Nakano:
Discrete distributions, continuous distributions, characteristic functions (in Japanese),
In K. Takeda (Ed.) Probability and Stochastic Processes. pp.44-75, Ohmsha (2010).

[B07] S. Satoh and R. Nakano:
Multilayer perceptron learning utilizing reducibility mapping,
In Studies in Computational Intelligence, pp.261-275, Springer (2013).

NTT R&D Papers

[N01] G. Nakaniwa, R. Nakano and T. Shimomura:
Development of conversational statistical analysis program (in Japanese),
NTT ECL Technical Journal, Vol.27, No.4, pp.661-674 (1978).

[N02] R. Nakano, G. Nakaniwa and T. Shimomura:
Conversational statistical analysis system,
Review of the ECL, Vol.26, No.7-8, pp.1001-1015 (1978).

[N03] R. Nakano, M. Kawashimo and T. Iida:
Distribution control for the functionally distributed system (in Japanese),
NTT ECL Technical Journal, Vol.31, No.2, pp.359-373 (1982).

[N04] R. Nakano, T. Iida, A. Kudoh and T. Hayashi:
Inter-processor communication system for large-scale database systems (in Japanese),
NTT ECL Technical Journal, Vol.33, No.6, pp.1399-1412 (1984).

[N05] Y. Sakasai, M. Nagaoka, K. Nakano and R. Nakano:
Database information management system (in Japanese),
NTT ECL Technical Journal, Vol.33, No.6, pp.1427-1440 (1984).

[N06] K. Ohashi, S. Ido, R. Nakano and H. Honma:
Very large database system architecture (in Japanese),
NTT ECL Technical Journal, Vol.33, No.12, pp.2827-2840 (1984).

[N07] R. Nakano, S. Ido and T. Aoki:
Very large database system architecture,
Review of the ECL, Vol.33, No.3, pp.434-442 (1985).

[N08] R. Nakano, K. Saito and C. Kohama:
Basic technologies for knowledge representation and acquisition (in Japanese),
NTT R&D, Vol.39, No.3, pp.447-456 (1990).

[N09] N. Ueda and R. Nakano:
A competitive and selective learning method for designing optimal vector quantizers (in Japanese),
NTT R&D, Vol.42, No.6, pp.749-756 (1993).

[N10] R. Nakano, N. Ueda, K. Saito and T. Yamada:
Research on learning aiming at artificial intelligence (in Japanese),
NTT R&D, Vol.42, No.9, pp.1175-1184 (1993).

[N11] K. Saito and R. Nakano:
Law discovery using neural networks (in Japanese),
NTT R&D, Vol.46, No.6, pp.547-552 (1997).

[N12] R. Nakano, T. Yamada, K. Yoshimura and T. Shomura:
Operator scheduling by genetic algorithms (in Japanese),
NTT R&D, Vol.47, No.1, pp.15-20 (1999).

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